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David Bittner

Born 1977 in Bern and having grown up in Gstaad right in the middle of the Swiss mountains, David Bittner studied biology at the University of Bern and accomplished his PhD in 2009. His dissertation dealed with the evolution of different whitefish species in Swiss lakes and with still unexplained deformations of reproductive organs in whitefish of Lake Thun. For his research he was awarded with the renowned ‘Bernese Environmental Research Award in 2010. Since the year 2002 the adventurer travels to Alaska whenever possible in order to observe and study the Kodiak and Coastal Brown Bears. He takes along cameras to document his experiences. Many of the bears he knows individually and with a lot of patience, empathy and behaving accordingly he succeeded in winning a few individual bear’s trust over the years. To his favourite bears he’s given names like Luunie, Luna, Balu and Bruno. With research, information, books and films the biologist tries to contribute his share to protect and conserve these unique animals.

During winter 2010 the Natural History Museum in Bern devoted a special exhibition called ‘David & Kodiak‘ to David Bittner and the Swiss as well as German television has shown his self produced film ‘Among bears’ – Living with wild grizzlies in Alaska’. In autumn 2009 he published his first book ‘The Bear – Between Wilderness and Cultural Landscape’. In summer 2009 english cameraman Richard Terry accompanied David in Alaska for a production about him and the bears for Animal Planet. Different versions of this documentary have been shown on Animal Planet in the UK and US, as well as on Channel 5 in the UK. In collaboration with Roman Droux, David Bittner produced another DVD called ‚David Bittner among bears‘ – Eye in eye with wild grizzlies. Back home in Switzerland biologist David Bittner is well known to the public, where he is being invited to school and companies to talk about the bear. With his dedicated work and his authentic way in giving presentions, David Bittner is a speaker in great demand as well as an ambassador for a few companies.

Right now David Bittner is working as a the chief fisheries manager in one of the states in Switzerland in the Department of Fish of Game. He lives in Suhr, in Switzerland and dreams about his own research project with ‘his’ bears in Alaska.

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