Book about bears

With Coautors Ursula Amstutz, Chlaus Lötscher and Reinhard Schnidrig, David Bittner has published his first book about bears under the titel: ‘Der Bär – Zwischen Wildnis und Kulturlandschaft’ which translated means: ‘The Bear – Between Wilderness and Cultural Landscape’ with publisher Stämpfli in Switerland.

The book, which is available in german only at this stage, includes David Bittners personal relationships with individual grizzly bears in the Alaskan wilderness as well as the situation of the return of brown bears back to Switzerland. In the near future we really have to deal with bears increasingly and where they appear emotions go high. However, there are measures that can be set up in order to guarantee a safe and peaceful side by side of humans and bears, even in highly populated Switzerland. Finally, detailed information about brown bear ecology and biology surround this highly and extraordinary illustrated book.

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