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David Bittner recieves the reknown ‘Environmental Research Award of the city of Bern’ at the Dies Academicus of the University of Bern. Together with his colleague Daniel Bernet he was awarded for his excellent work during his PhD. With this price the disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary research in ecology and environmental research is being support by the University of Bern. Every two years, scientist are given this award for their relevant research to account a enviromental problem or situation for better understanding to the public. 

Daniel Bernet and David Bittner recieved the award for their scientific contribution to the environmental problem of unexplained deformations of reproductive organs in whitefish from Lake Thun, Switzerland.

More information about the ‘Environmental Research Award of the city of Bern’ pdf an article in the newspaper of Thun pdf media information of the university of Bern pdf and an article about the award ceremony pdf (all pdfs are in german).


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