Business talk

The focus of the business talk is the subject ‘respect’. Respect is a central fundament in David Bittners talks. We encounter the matter of respect every day, be it when meeting our associates, our directors, our colleagues as well as within our family, parents and children. We also have to deal with respect when meeting challenges, deadlines, difficult tasks, workflow and time management. Last but not least respect can also be used in team building, motivation and optimization of capacity.

What are the reasons for David Bittner to spend months at a time in the remote lonely Alaskan wilderness having to miss out on so many a luxury comforts of every days life in civilization? How does he use respect when trying to win an individual bears trust? Why bears at all? What is his motivation and where does he meet his limits? Where do you see parallels to your business?

No matter if being a big or rather small company, bank or insurance agency, they all head for the very same targets. On the way to reach these goals you automatically come across many situations where respect play a major role. David Bittner also has his goal and he succeeds demonstrating a lot of respect. Take the opportunity and let yourself educate with the subject ‘respect’ in a humorous and entertaining way and take advantage of the experiences of biologist and adventurer David Bittner.

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