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Among Bears

Adventures in the Alaskan wilderness

2002 25 year old biology master student David Bittner headed for the Alaskan wilderness for the first time. It has always been a dream of his to see the salmon spawn in large numbers. Where there are fish, there are bears in Alaska. “A surprise encounter with a mother and her three cubs was definitely a key experience. Another bear that approched to within touching distance changed my life.” Ever since the biologist returns whenever possible to observe and study the bears. He carries a camera and documents their life. With a sea kayak he paddeln along the remote coast and often catches fish to eat. His only connection with the world is an emergency beacon.

With a lot of patience and intuition he achieved to win a few individual bears trust. David Bittner, PhD in ecology and evolution, lives among the bears for months at a time, mostly alone. Many of the bears he knows individually and to a few he has given names like Bruno, Balu, Luunie, or Luna. They feed and sleep at his side. Besides his incredibel experiences with the Alaskan bears, the biologist also explains the current return of the European brown bear back to Switzerland and the problems that evolve when bears live next to humans. David Bittner’s documentary material belongs the most spectacular ever taken of wild bears.

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