Trip 2008

Around the middle of october David Bittner happily returned from yet another trip to the Alaskan wilderness to live among wild grizzly bears. “I know that I keep telling the same story each time after I return back home, but honestly it was again the best summer I have ever had out there. It is simply such a great privilege to be able to be out there with the bears, and even more with my dear girlfriend Cecile.” Even though Cecile has visited Alaska and Canada many times before it was the first time she joined David at the Katmai Coast. She was thrilled by the spectacular landscape and the mighty bears of which David knew most of them.

On the one hand they visited places where David met his few very special individual bears again, that he has got to know so well over the years. And it was a very emotional moment for Cecile to witness the fact that David knew them so well. On the other hand they also ventured out to discover new land, that David hasn’t seen before. Together they paddled along the rough Katmai Coast from bay to bay. After two months Cecile had to go back home, but Vladimir, Davids father arrived with Christian, one of David’s best friends. They were also both overhelmed by the many bears they encountered during their visit and even though the weather hit them hard with a heavy storm for more than a full week on, they never regret the many unforgetable experiences they had together with David.

After again nearly 4 months watching and studying the bears David was able to accumulate more spectacular pictures of this country and its bears. But first of all before thinking about a next trip to Alaska David has to pick up his research again, because soon enough he will have to defend his PhD. But it will be only a matter of time until David will be back with living with bears again.

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